Recommendation of books :

This book explains in a very direct and understandable way the non-dualistic approach in Hinduism also known as  "Vedanta Advaita".This Vedantic philosophy has been very important for Sanatana Dharma in the last 1500 thanks to Shankara Acharya, the great exposer of this doctrine which did a lot to protect and preserve Sanatana Dharma. Nowadays,  to understand Hinduism, it is almost mandatory to comprehend "Vedanta Advaita and Nithin Sridhar knows how to explain it very well for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. It is possible to buy it at Amazon´s site.


  • Rearming Hinduism

    Vamsee Juluri

    The book “Rearming Hinduism” was written by Vamsee Juluri, an Indian living in the U.S and Professor of media studies at the University of San Francisco. This work is a vibrant call for all Hindus to withstand the constant attacks from the media and academia against the Sanatana Dharma we follow, especially for those Hindus living in India. What I liked most when reading this book is his passion for defending Sanatana Dharma and his perspicacity against the fallacious point view from secularists and Christian preachers when telling lies about Hinduism. This book is for sale at Amazon in paper version and ebook.