This website is a meeting point on the web for all the Hindus, Indians or not, who feel that we as Sanatana dharma ´s followers, must create a sense of pride in our religiosity. India is rising again to take the place that used to be some centuries ago, a position of extreme importance in the world economically and most importantly: spiritually. This website also has the intention to unite Hindus of all nationalities and even sympathizers to get to the point of agreement about the best way of presenting our spiritual path for others in this 21st Century world. Also, about how to react to the constant attacks especially from the mainstream media and from the academy against our way of life. The reason for that is because, for us, Hinduism is not just a mere religion but the right way the human species can connect to the cosmos since the early days of the human civilization, creating a cosmic harmony on the planet. 

Since the revival of Sanatana Dharma in India is very connected to politics and economics, we will also discuss both topics especially about the current situation of these subjects in India and how can we manage it to serve and protect Sanatana Dharma. Because as we believe, the prosperity of India and the well being of its people is directly linked to this spiritual path of “Bharat.”

 There are texts related to Hinduism, yoga and Sanatana Dharma in general in the section "Essays and videos".




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